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New photo’s at

There are some pretty cool photo’s from the movie and the film set at  Enjoy!
There is also an interesting article which asks an interesting question.  Will Superman be as popular in an age where out heroes aren’t quite as perfect as they were back in the day when the first Superman movies were filmed.  I remember scenes in the early movies where times were reflected somewhat idealistically and without the threats of terror.  It was all about the American Way (which meant something different back then):

Different in the real world, different in Hollywood and different in the film too. Today’s cynicism and expectations of darker hero tales are reflected in the plot of “Superman Returns.” A huge crystalline spaceship (again a nod to the original franchise) crashes near a Kansas farm — but this time, instead of an infant, the passenger is a grown man. Superman has been gone from Earth for five years on a failed quest to learn more about his origins. And in his absence, his adopted world grew sour toward its hero. That’s exemplified by Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth), now a single mom engaged to a new man (played by James Marsden, a veteran of both “X-Men” movies) and riding high in her journalism career after an award-winning Daily Planet series critical of the missing Superman.

I’m sorry, did that article say Lois is a “single mom”??  Don’t remember that one from the comics …


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