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Images from the film revealed – spoiler alert!

200604301620 According to, an ad shown in Australia contained some footage of Superman in a fast action scene:

SupermanVillain posted at The Planet today that he saw a Warner Bros. Movie World/Coca Cola commercial on Fox 8 in Australia. More importantly, he said the ad contained new footage from the film. The footage, for those who’ve read their spoilers, is apparently from a particular high-speed chase Superman engages in. If you don’t mind seeing potentially spoilery images, check them out here. UPDATE: Iris over at has posted up several more images from the commercial, and they’re pretty impressive. Click the link to view the gallery.

It looks a little like the scene from the first movie when Superman saved Air Force One from crashing …


Here is the commercial the stills were taken from … I love the attention to detail – his hair moves as he flies!

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April 30, 2006 - Posted by | New media, Storyline

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