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Is Superman a savior?


John C Dvorak, known cranky geek, asks whether Superman has become a “Christ allegory”?  In other words, has Superman become a modern day version of a long line of saviors who have rescued us when humanity has reached those low points in our history.  According to CNN:

Now, for many Christian moviegoers comes another gospel.

As the hype machine shifts into high gear for the upcoming release of “Superman Returns,” some are reading deeply into the film whose hero returns from a deathlike absence to play savior to the world.

“It is so on the nose that anyone who has not caught on that Superman is a Christ figure, you think, ‘Who else could it be referring to?’ ” said Steve Skelton, who wrote a book examining parallels between Superman and Christ.

As one of society’s most enduring pop-culture icons, Superman has often been observed as more than just a man in tights.

I think this is a good question.  We may be tempted to think of Superman as yet another comic book hero but we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that, in the past, humans have given archetypes human form and have even worshipped those personifications of our archetypes as gods among us.  This may be the 21st century but Superman represents some of our greatest qualities.  He is a symbol of what we can become and I believe he and other superheroes like Batman, Spiderman and even the X-Men have become our equivalent of the demigods of the ancients.

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