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I recently saw Superman Returns twice and it was brilliant.  Brandon Routh quickly proved himself to be a excellent choice to succeed Christopher Reeve and some of my friends remarked that at times, he sounded a lot like Reeve.  For the most part I thought this movie was brilliant and agree with many commentators that this is the movie we have been waiting for since Superman 2 all those years ago.  Of course one of the benefits of waiting so long is that the crew who made this movie possible had technology available to them that simply wasn’t available in the late 70s when Superman 2 was made.  The effects in Superman Returns were excellent and it was often difficult to see where reality ended and where the effects began.  A good example of this is a video on YouTube revealing the Superman who sent the shuttle off on its flight near the beginning of the movie was, in fact, computer generated.

There were many things about the movie I really enjoyed and prefer to the way Clark Kent and his abilities are dealt with in Smallville.  For one thing, when Superman flies, there is no noise like the one Clark makes every time he goes off somewhere in Smallville.  As you would expect, Superman is virtually silent when he flies.  All you really hear is the flapping of his cape or the occasional sonic boom when he goes supersonic.  The one thing that I initially thought was a little silly was that when he used his x-ray vision he wasn’t looking at things the way Clark Kent in Smallville was but was rather using what has been referred to as “see through vision”.  My wife pointed out that he can see through things in layers and it occurred to me that in the comics, this is one of the ways he can see through things.  In fact, towards the end of the movie when he rescued Lois and her family, he used something like x-ray vision to scan her for injuries.

A few people complained about inconsistencies in the storyline and pointed to things that seemed unrealistic even given the nature of the movie.  These included how he was able to lift the island into space with kryptonite coming at him for every direction when, 15 minutes before, he couldn’t muster the energy to fend off Lex Luthor’s thugs.  Of course he did rise up and get a quick charge from the sun before he did that but it does detract a little from the storyline a bit.  At the same time it wasn’t so implausible that it couldn’t possibly happen in the world of Superman.  He is Superman after all.  The major storyline change has to do with Lois’ son and that was a whopper.  I don’t know how that is going to pan out in what I hope will be future Superman movies with Routh.  It will be interesting to see how that is dealt with.

On the whole, this movie was excellent.  Routh was amazing, as was Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor.  Everyone was great and the movie was just what I have been waiting for.

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Spoiler free review … has posted a spoiler free review of the movie.  Bottom line:  Its all good!  Here is a taste of the review:

Superman fans – he’s back. This film delivers on all fronts. We all know that the action is through the roof, but the big question on everyone’s mind is the acting, so let’s start with the Man of Steel himself. Brandon Routh is my Superman. I really think he was fantastic in this film, and he was particularly strong in his Superman scenes with Kate Bosworth’s Lois Lane. There’s something very interesting going on in Brandon’s performance. He’s not simply cloning what Reeve gave us two decades ago, but he is exuding the same sort of aura that Reeve did back then. The best way that I can describe it is to say that these two are cut from the same cloth.

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Images from the film revealed – spoiler alert!

200604301620 According to, an ad shown in Australia contained some footage of Superman in a fast action scene:

SupermanVillain posted at The Planet today that he saw a Warner Bros. Movie World/Coca Cola commercial on Fox 8 in Australia. More importantly, he said the ad contained new footage from the film. The footage, for those who’ve read their spoilers, is apparently from a particular high-speed chase Superman engages in. If you don’t mind seeing potentially spoilery images, check them out here. UPDATE: Iris over at has posted up several more images from the commercial, and they’re pretty impressive. Click the link to view the gallery.

It looks a little like the scene from the first movie when Superman saved Air Force One from crashing …


Here is the commercial the stills were taken from … I love the attention to detail – his hair moves as he flies!

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New photo’s at

There are some pretty cool photo’s from the movie and the film set at  Enjoy!
There is also an interesting article which asks an interesting question.  Will Superman be as popular in an age where out heroes aren’t quite as perfect as they were back in the day when the first Superman movies were filmed.  I remember scenes in the early movies where times were reflected somewhat idealistically and without the threats of terror.  It was all about the American Way (which meant something different back then):

Different in the real world, different in Hollywood and different in the film too. Today’s cynicism and expectations of darker hero tales are reflected in the plot of “Superman Returns.” A huge crystalline spaceship (again a nod to the original franchise) crashes near a Kansas farm — but this time, instead of an infant, the passenger is a grown man. Superman has been gone from Earth for five years on a failed quest to learn more about his origins. And in his absence, his adopted world grew sour toward its hero. That’s exemplified by Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth), now a single mom engaged to a new man (played by James Marsden, a veteran of both “X-Men” movies) and riding high in her journalism career after an award-winning Daily Planet series critical of the missing Superman.

I’m sorry, did that article say Lois is a “single mom”??  Don’t remember that one from the comics …


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